NUX NPK-10 Digital Piano – Black


Triple-Sensor Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard, not just for pricy pianos

To provide the most authentic piano feel, NUX NPK-10 is equipped with advanced keyboard features – the superior WKJ-03 triple sensors, scaled hammer action, escapement and ivory-feel keys, and 5 types of touch sensitivity to fit different styles.

It is rare among similar price-point products, but NPK-10 understands your desire for the finest touch and the most delicate expression.

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– 88 keys
– Triple-sensor scaled hammer-action keyboard (with escapement and ivory feel)
– Touch Sensitivity: 5 types (Super Light/Light/Medium/Heavy/Super Heavy)

– Sound Chip: Dream 5708 DSP
– Max. Polyphony: 189
– Tones: 12 built-in tones

– Reverb and Delay: 5 types (Hall/Church/Plate/Stage/Delay; reverb depth adjustable)
– Chorus: 4 depth levels
– Tone Brilliance: 5 levels
– Dual/Layer: Yes (mix balance adjustable)
– Twin Piano: Yes (split point adjustable; individual octave shift and tone selection)
– Octave Shift: Yes (-1 to +1 octaves)

– Bluetooth: Yes (MIDI and audio)
– Transpose: -6 to +5 in semitones
– Rhythm: 12 drum patterns
– Demo Songs: 30
– Metronome: 9 beats, tempo range 20 to 280 bpm
– Recording: 1 song (approx. 18000 notes total)
– Master Tuning Range: 415Hz to 460Hz
– User Preset: 2 memory banks
– Auto-sleep: Yes

– Damper (included), 3-Pedal Unit (optional)

– USB MIDI, AUX IN, LINE OUT, Headphones X 2, Damper Pedal Jack, Connector for 3-Pedal Unit

Amplifiers and Speakers
– Preamp: Tl Preamp Chip
– Speaker: 10W X 2, 3″ X 6″ Oval Speaker

Power Supply
– DC 12V/2A

Size and Weight

– Dimensions: 1300mm x 270mm x 135mm
– Weight: 12.2kg

*Note: Piano stand is not included.


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