Policies & FAQs


Punctuality is an important component of our Academy. We expect proper punctuality from both our teachers and students here at the Bradford Academy of Music. Please arrive five minutes prior to the start of your lesson time to ensure that you receive ALL of the time allotted for your lesson. If you are aware that you will be arriving late for your lesson, please call the front desk to inform us so we can ensure that your teacher is also made aware of this. Unfortunately, if you arrive late for your lesson, we will not be able to extend the lesson time to make up for it, as teachers have other students that are scheduled after your lesson time.


Teachers will no longer collect students from the waiting area at the beginning of their lesson time. Students will be directed by the front desk attendant to wait by their classroom door, where the teacher will bring them in at the start of their allotted time. If the student arrives late for their lesson, they are to head directly into their classroom. This will allow smoother transitions between students and will also prevent delays in lesson start times which will ensure that the student is getting the most out of their time with us.


Students at the Bradford Academy of Music are each allowed four make-up classes during the year (September-August). To receive these make-up classes, the following criteria must be met:

  • The Bradford Academy of Music must be informed of your absence from your regular lesson with a minimum of three hours notice prior to your lesson start time. Failing to do so will not result in a make-up lesson for the student.
  • We have a strict no-call, no-show policy where if a student does not call and is not at their regularly scheduled lesson, or does not provide three hours notice, they will not receive a make-up lesson. If extenuating circumstances occur, please speak to Kelsi or Tyler for further information. Upon a no-show, reception will call the primary phone number on file to remind you of your class time and that in no-showing, you will not receive a make-up class.

Make-up classes cannot be taken by another student, or with other teachers. They can also not be refunded, as our teachers will have already been paid for the missed lesson. If you cannot immediately confirm a make-up class day or time, you may delay it until you are available to schedule a date that will work for you. Should you miss a make-up class, we will not be able to provide you with an additional make-up time.


Students who plan on taking an examination, whether it is an in-house or RCM, must be given a letter of recommendation from their teacher prior to registering. Students who register for an exam without this letter of recommendation, may end up being unprepared for their exam. Unfortunately, at that point, the Bradford Academy of Music can no longer be responsible for the results of said examination. Vocal students who require an accompanist must request one from the Bradford Academy immediately upon registering for an exam. Fees for examinations and for accompanists vary and can change at any point in time. Exam fees are not refundable.


– Students of the Month

Two students will be selected at the start of each month to represent the Academy as exemplary students. To be selected as a student of the month the following criteria must be met:

  • Students should have a record of perfect attendance without being late during the month
  • Students must have completed all homework and be continuously moving on to new song material
  • Students will be recommended by teachers based on in-class participation and enthusiasm

Upon being selected, the two students will receive a gift from the Bradford Academy of Music, and will have a picture taken of them to be put up on the front wall to further represent the outstanding achievements of those students.

– Discount for Current Students – 10%

All students who are actively taking lessons are eligible to receive 10% off all regular priced store product. Discounts cannot be received on lessons or services. Should a student terminate their lessons at any point in time, the discount will no longer be available to that student.

– Grandfathered Lesson Rates

One of the best features of being a Bradford Academy of Music student is that even upon leaving, your lesson rate stays the same upon return (may have adjustments due to inflation). So as long as you stay in our computer system and make purchases when you can through us, you will continue to carry over the student rate you received upon initial sign up at the Academy.

– Competitive Price Matching

All of our product is set at competitive rates. If there is something on sale at another music retailer, we will price match it for you! All we ask is that you present us their coupon or ad for the product, and that it is currently an item that they have in-stock.

*Policy updates or changes have occurred