Our Teachers

Xaver Dangl

Guitar/Bass/Banjo/Ukulele/Mandolin Instructor

Xaver is one of our longest standing musical instructors at the Academy. His early musical experiences are in various rock groups in the late ’60s – most notably as guitarist in two groups with Geddy Lee (“Judd” and “Ogilvie”). Xaver then began exploration into the classical world through: RCM, Eli Kassner Academy, and Norbert Kraft. His roots in Flamenco began by studying with David Philips, Guillermo Rios, Jose Vahe, and Juan Tomas. Xaver has also worked with various dancers in the art of Latin music. Along with his understanding of Classical and Flamenco, Xaver has experience in jazz music with main influences like Lenny Breau and Ed Bickert. Xaver re-entered the teaching world in 1996 after a stint in the corporate world, and has been with the Academy almost ever since.

Jeff Taylor

Violin/Piano Instructor

Jeff has been teaching at the Bradford Academy of Music since 1997. During that time he completed a performance degree at York University. Jeff is a performing musician with such bands as The Blazing Fiddles and the Big Sound. His performance highlights have been multiple shows at Massey Hall, including accompaniment for Diana Krall.

Martin Damsell

Vocal/Piano/Guitar/Drums Instructor

Martin came to the Academy in 2011 teaching voice, piano, drums, & guitar. He utilizes his vast experience of live and studio performances for over 50 years combined with his St. Michael’s Choir School training to create a teaching style that keeps students engaged and coming back year after year.

Greta Simmons

Piano Instructor

Greta is a highly qualified piano teacher who has been employed to the Bradford Academy of Music since 2014. Her teaching experience extends over the past 30 years, in which she has inspired many children and adults to achieve their musical dreams. Through her dedication and patience, Greta has impacted the lives of many students by teaching them to play the piano both by reading notes and by ear. Greta’s RCM examination results speak for themselves: phenomenal. Year after year, Greta’s students have received Distinctions and First-Class honors in both Piano and Theory examinations. Greta continues to spread her passion amongst her students and is excited to be continuing her musical journey with you!

Rory McIsaac

Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Rory has been teaching guitar and uke for almost 10 years, 3 of those years with the Academy. Rory focuses on teaching all levels and ages in respect to playing and understanding the respective instrument, as well as, reading and writing manuscript and tablature. Rory began taking lessons at the age of 6 and started a teaching career at age 16. Aside from teaching, Rory uses his talents as a session guitarist and creates demo music to be used for promotional items.

Lindsay Winters

Piano Instructor

To Lindsay, music is one of her greatest passions in life and it is her pleasure to pass along even just a little of her joy for music to each and every student she teaches. Lindsay first discovered her love for the piano when she was 6 years old. From then on, her enthusiasm never stopped. Lindsay has completed her Grade 9 RCM exam with first-class honors and has even “jammed” in a few bands here and there. Lindsay has also sung in a choir for 8 years and has performed on piano for musicals. Music is a gift and Lindsay hopes to share it with all who welcome it!

Anthony Kubik

Drum Instructor

Anthony has been playing drums since he was 10 years old and has been practicing for the last 14 years to be an experienced drum instructor. Anthony has always been enamored with music since his mother would sing to him when he was 4 years old. Anthony’s drumming specialties include any and all forms of rock, jazz, hip-hop, pop, and latin-based ideas. Among these is a passion and love for film scoring and sound.

Asa Tiller

Vocal/Piano Instructor

Asa is currently employed as a Music Teacher with the York Catholic District School Board. She has been teaching privately at various music schools for almost 10 years, 3 of which are with the Academy. Asa has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, specializing in Vocal Music Education. On her spare time, Asa enjoys performing at community events and other acoustic nights!

John Miorin

Guitar Instructor

John is a currently employed as a Music, Drama and Dance teacher at St. Paul’s Elementary School in Alliston. He is the director of the school’s Glee Club and has taken the team to multiple national championships as well as a top ten finish in the CBC Music Challenge. John runs the school’s YouTube channel that is focussed on promoting the arts in school. John holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Trent University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor. He has been playing guitar for nearly 24 years as well as drums for 21 years. John has played in numerous touring bands in the past. In his spare time he enjoys weightlifting, home recording and following (literally around North America) Toronto’s Sports Teams.

Kevin Bronson

Piano/Guitar/Ukulele/Bass Instructor

Kevin has been playing and performing music all his life; beginning with early RCM recitals, to University workshops that featured jazz improvisation, as well as performing in several of his own rock bands, and even the Royal Canadian Navy Band. Kevin’s personal studies focused mainly on classical piano and jazz bass, but he has a love for many other instruments such as guitar, ukulele and drums.

Luba Mahzor

Piano Instructor

Luba received her education at the National Music Teachers Collage in the Ukraine when they were under the USSR. She continued her studies at the Religious Music Teachers College in Israel. Eventually, Luba found her way to Canada and has been teaching music since 1988. With her European background and amazing piano skills, Luba has advanced many students at the Bradford Academy of Music up to the ARCT level of the RCM.

Rachel Bruce

Piano Instructor

Rachel has been playing piano since she was four years old. She recently passed her grade 8 RCM practical exam with first class honours! She has a history with musical theatre and has also spent several years in her highschool band, playing flute, tenor saxophone, trombone, and percussion. She has also taught herself how to play ukulele and guitar. She loves to use music as a way to express herself and to calm down after a difficult day. Her hopes in teaching is to pass on the same love of music to her students that she has received from her piano teacher.

Melinda Schneider

Flute/Piano Instructor

Melinda is a new instructor to the Bradford Academy of Music as of 2019. She has always been fascinated by music, but never had the time for music lessons until she was older due to other commitments. Her entrance into music lessons began in Grade 9 of highschool where she studied the flute. This introduction to music expanded her education so much so that she started private lessons in Grade 12 to prepare to audition for Post-Secondary music programs. During this time, Melinda started studying piano simultaneously with flute. Having only taken four months of lessons, Melinda completed her Grade 6 RCM practical & theory exams, passing both with First Class Honours and with Distinction in theory! She is in the process of completing two major feats in music: her Grade 8 practical exam for piano and finishing her post-secondary education for a Bachelor of Arts with Specialized Honours in Music at York University with a focus in Flute performance!

Paige Walters

Violin Instructor

Paige began her musical journey with the clarinet in high school and flute later on but always had an admiration for the violin. With an undying love of classical music and inspired by the works of her favourite composer, Mozart, she put down the woodwinds and took up the strings finally deciding to brave the violin and is excited to pass on to others her passion for the instrument.