For anyone who missed the 59th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony, you missed one heck of an amazing show! On Sunday, February 12, 2017, thousands of musicians, both new and old, gathered in a hall in Los Angeles to celebrate some of this past years best music, artists, and songs. Ranging from Drake to Willie Nelson, this event was jam packed with great music, hilarious jokes, wonderful artistry, and some great performances. After looking back at the show, and reviewing the award winners, it is clear that Ms. Adele made a slaughtering this year. Having won 13 Grammy Awards since 2009, Adele stole this year’s show with a total of 5 Grammy’s won. That is more than a third of what she had won in previous years… all won in one smooth, “Hello, it’s me”, filled evening. Now, most people think, maybe she just won a couple of no-name category awards, and that is why she won so many. NO!!!!!! This femme fatale got 5 of THE TOP Grammy awards available to any artist (Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, etc.). Most people would be displeased by this, as by now, most of you do NOT want to hear the word “Hello” at the start of any song, considering how often we heard it in ’16, but we have to give this girl a shout-out.


On the other side of the Grammy’s, we got to take in a wonderful performance by another great artist, who seems to be making a major album for this year. The great Ed Sheeran stole this year’s performance with the debut of his new single “Shape of You”. It wasn’t just the song that left the audience in awe of his performance, rather, it was the physical aspect of his performance that left Grammy viewers live and at home, standing up and clapping for him. This artist took the risk of performing his new piece as a solo, using nothing but his guitar, voice, microphone, and a MASSIVE loop pedal. I mean… Cmon. I have NEVER seen a pedal like this before. To be honest, it made me want one… BADDDDDDD! For anyone who missed this awesome performance, I have included it here:

I mean, C’MON! Are you seeing the way this guy plays and links up his tracks? I get that the pedal is the size of his torso, but still! The artistry and creativity it takes to do an original song, on the spot, looping your own self over top of each other…. that takes talent.


Between these two artists alone, the music world of 2016 was summed up, arguably, pretty nicely. The fact is that, as music works its way fully into the modern world, we begin to see trends of renaissance in regards to the solo musician. As artists like Adele and Ed Sheeran become more popular, the idea of the solo musician is beginning to make an important comeback, when all modern music seems lost to great production or extended lengths of artistry. All I can say is… I am excited to participate and partake in this ride.